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Q&A with 2023 S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Robert Brooks

Q&A with 2023 S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Robert Brooks

Q&A with 2023 S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Robert Brooks

1. What does it mean to be inducted into the S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame?

It is a great honor considering the company of athletes I am considered to be among.

2. Rank the top three priorities currently in your life.

1. Jesus Christ 

2. My wife Diana

3. My son Elisha 

3. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sports?

I love to create, whether it’s music, an app, a commercial development or an inspirational program.

4. Describe a favorite moment or achievement during your career?

My favorite moment in my career as a college player was a one handed TD catch vs the University of Georgia in 1988 because it solidified me as a big time player and a bonified receiver after being a high school running back

My favorite moment in my professional career was a 99-yard touchdown vs. the Chicago Bears on Monday Night football because of where I was in my professional development and how hard it was to get to that point.

5. Is there a person, coach or teammate that you look up to and why?

There were many people, coaches and teammates that I look up to. My dad Johnny Payne who made me believe I could do anything from a young age.  My Mom who taught me to trust in Christ and supported me in everything I did from day one. My big brother Stanley Brooks who worked with me in the yard and has always saw more in me. My high school position coach Jerome singleton who taught me how to keep my head down and put in work at a high level.  My high school biology teacher Mrs. Dimsdale who prayed me into the kingdom of God, She said “by any means necessary.”

My high school track coach Allen Ware who taught me to handle pressure by having more confidence in me than I had in my self. My college receiver coach Fred Jackson who went on a line to start a true freshman in 1988. My receiver coach in Green Bay Jon Gruden who taught me that “The more you can do” was the key to the league. 

My teammate Reggie White who challenged me to read the bible for myself. My next door neighbor, in Green Bay, Bret Farve who play the game the way it was meant to be played, having fun and made me look better than I was. My friend Neal Frisby who I learned how to be obedience to God no matter what. 

My sisters Sherry, Phyllis, and Donna who’s love admiration I have always felt since I was young. My Son Elisha for His mental toughness and unconditional love he shows me. My wife Diana who challenges me to be great wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

6. Is there anything else you'd like for fans to know about yourself?

One of my most memorable time as an athlete was my time playing at the University of South Carolina in front of the gamecock faithful. 

The South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame’s Induction Banquet honoring the class of 2023 is set for Monday, May 15th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.  

The SCAHOF Banquet is the largest annual celebration of Palmetto State sports stars under one roof. The traditional introduction of past inductees, the “Walk of Legends”, is one of the event’s highlights. The affair, which includes a reception and dinner, begins at 5:30 p.m. Table sponsorships may be purchased online.